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VinUni Green Sports Day 2024: A Day of Thrills, Unity, and Eco-Friendly Practices

On 30th March, VinUni successfully organized Green Sports Day 2024. This is an annual event that aims to ignite the flames of sport spirit, healthy lifestyle and green practices in daily life. The event attracted hundreds of students and faculty members from VinUni, as well as numerous participants from esteemed guest institutions, families and friends, radiating an aura of excitement.

With the catchy slogan "Sit less, move more", the event encouraged everyone to put aside their academic work and immerse in joyful activities. It was a fantastic opportunity for amateur athletes to showcase their skills in friendly competition, proving their excellence beyond academics and into the realm of sports.

What I love about VinUni is its endeavors to establish an inclusive environment in any activities. At Green Sports Day, not only sport enthusiasts but also those who are not interested in physical exercises can also find their niche in free walk-in games such as zumba dance, kendo, and shuttlecock kicking.

To foster college spirit and unity, the event featured a spirited tug-of-war competition among teams from different colleges. Witnessing students dressed in their college symbolic colors, cheering each other on, was a heartwarming sight. Although there were winners and losers, everyone had definitely emerged victorious in the joy during the game.

Moreover, the event aimed to raise environmental awareness by incentivizing participants to donate used clothes and encouraging the use of personal water bottles over disposable cups. It's these thoughtful touches that make Green Sports Day more than just a sports event—it's a platform for sustainable practices and community engagement.

VinUni Green Sports Day 2024 provided a refreshing break from the academic stress, filling campus life with energy and vitality. Let's continue to embrace the spirit of sportsmanship and eco-conscious living, creating a vibrant and inclusive community where every individual shines. Here's to more spirited, active moments on campus in the days ahead!




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