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As the Valentine's Day spirit filled the air at VinUni, each student had their own way to celebrate this event. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Tran Thai Thu and Dao Ha Duc Anh, a lovely couple at VinUni, to learn about their unique Valentine's Day experience. Are you curious to take a glance at how this cute couple spent their Valentine's together?

Author (A): What did you guys do to celebrate Valentine's this year?

Tran Thai Thu (T): This year is our first Valentine's celebration together. A fun fact: both of us have never gone through any Valentine's Day without being single! However, we didn't celebrate Valentine's extravagantly with things like candles, flowers, or a romantic dinner. Instead, we went to a café, had a meal, and had a conversation just like any other day. The only difference is that we both gave each other a small gift. I think that's the most precious thing in our relationship – that we cherish every moment together, whether it's a regular day or a special occasion.

Dao Ha Duc Anh (D): Even though it was our first Valentine's, we only went to a small café in an alley, talked about various things as we always do, then had a meal together, continued chatting, and I gave Thu a small gift, as she said above. Since it's right after Tet and also right after Thu returned to Hanoi, we had a lot to talk about. If we talk about everything, it would probably take forever for us to finish the conversation!

A: Are there differences in how you guys show love to each other?

D: I think our ways of expressing love are quite similar. I always feel like Thu and I are like the same person as we are super similar in many aspects! If there's anything, I'm the one who's cheesy, saying flirty one-liners, and Thư always rates them 2/10 only. But both of us are cheesy in our own ways!

A: Have you guys encountered any conflict due to differences in showing love?

T: I think our approach to this conflict issue with Duc Anh is quite different. For example, I've never considered the differences in our viewpoints as a conflict. So far, I feel that both of us are quite harmonious in the way we demonstrate love. We both express our affection comfortably while still respecting each other's boundaries. If there happens to be any disagreement, I think we both acknowledge that a healthy relationship requires efforts from both of us to communicate with each other.

A: Do you know about the 5 love languages? If so, what love language do you guys think you use the most?

T: I'm aware of the 5 love languages, but personally, I've never felt that our relationship leans heavily toward any specific one. We both agree that we balance all five, such as being supportive and exchanging words of affirmation, or being in sync with physical touch as both of us are super clingy! Among them, I really enjoy the quality time we spend together, like visiting cafés, listening to music, and having conversations about various life topics. I think if there's nothing specific to do, we can talk endlessly ;)

D: I know about them, and if I had to choose the one I use the most, it would be the act of service. But I don't think there's ever just one that fully encompasses all five, and I believe there should be a balance in all five love languages! Moreover, I think it's not just limited to those five – any actions that make your loved ones feel loved and respected can be considered love languages. Thu and I have our unique ways of expressing emotions that I wouldn't categorize into any of the five.

A: Do you guys demonstrate love languages with any other people aside from your partner?

D: I don't think love languages are something confined to a romantic relationship; they can be present in many different relationships. Love comes in various forms, and I often hug my friends, as well as offer them words of affirmation. Ultimately, love languages are just ways of expressing respect and affection towards those you care about. However, Thu holds a special place in my heart, and I use every love language with her at a level that only she receives!!!

T: I think love languages can be expressed in many different relationships, not just with a partner. For example, physical touch can be a hug for someone you care about, or sometimes I give small handmade gifts to my family. Love is everywhere, so using love languages doesn't necessarily have to be exclusively with a partner; even a small caring gesture towards others can express your feelings for them!

Although Valentine's Day has passed a few days ago, the warmth and joy shared during this celebration will undoubtedly last for a long time. To every VinUnian, we hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day with your beloved people, whether they are a romantic partner, friends, or family. May the spirit of love continue to thrive within the VinUni community, fostering connections that endure long after the gifts and the chocolates!




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