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Travel to Unravel: A trip to Bangkok

I took a risk to book a ticket to Thailand in the middle of the finals season

I took a risk to book a ticket to Bangkok, Thailand in the middle of the finals season - it turned out to be one of the most unforgettable trips of my life. I traveled with 2 of my friends but when they were busy with personal schedules, I took a chance to explore this city by myself.

Honestly, I don’t travel frequently. Only in the past 2 years did I decide that I would travel more to explore the world, immersing myself in diverse cultures and distant lands. While this newfound interest has come at a cost, the experiences have been incredibly rewarding.

As a food enthusiast, I believe that the essence of a culture can be unraveled through its culinary delights. Therefore, I spent most of the time in Thailand exploring its local restaurants and traditional dishes. As one of the biggest rice production and exporters in the world, Thai cuisine depends heavily on rice-based ingredients as the main part of the dishes, from the aromatic tom yum noodle to the iconic pad Thai.

Boat noodles, each with an extremely unique flavor
Go-Ang chicken rice with chrysanthemum tea. Highly recommend this tea!

And of course, I didn’t forget to try modern Thai food, such as the famous bingsu from After You or special treats at 7-Eleven. Travelling is to explore, so don’t hesitate to give yourself some late night meals!

Beside cuisine, arts also hold an important role in shaping cultural identity. Being an art-lover, a Communications major student, I couldn’t resist dropping by the largest museum in Bangkok - Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA Bangkok) and spent half a day there.

I learned that Thailand has a rich culture for their sculpture and statues. From the very first floor of the museum, the amazing sculpture captured my attention by its meticulous details.

The museum depicts the development of Thai art throughout history, telling the story of how Chinese and Indian culture has significantly influenced the art and culture of not only Thailand but also other Southeast Asian countries. The museum not only showcased the aesthetic sensibilities of the Thai but also unveiled their unique perspectives and societal values.

The Three Kingdoms (including Heaven, Middle Earth, and Hell) by three artists: Sompop Budtarad, Panya Vijinthanasarn, and Prateep Kochabua.

It was a pity to come home without a photo of myself at this famous area of the museum as I was alone there. But overall, the experience was amazing and I will definitely visit this place again.

Don’t forget to come here with a friend to take aesthetic photos at this famous area (and many other amazing areas in the museum)!

I have to admit that traveling alone is not easy at all, especially on your first solo trip. I encountered several problems while I was there, mostly with the traffic and navigation as the Thai traffic system is quite different from that of Vietnam. Sometimes, I got lost in the middle of nowhere without a companion. From an introvert person who rarely initiates a conversation with anyone, I had to randomly approach someone to ask for directions. To my relief, the warm-hearted Thai locals extended a helping hand, bridging the gap of language barriers with their kindness and willingness to assist despites the challenges of communication.

The solo trip in Thailand challenged me with a lot of unprecedented situations with each obstacle added a layer of excitement to my solo trip. Travelling alone allows me to explore at my own pace and interest, savoring simple pleasures that my companions may not enjoy. During the trip, I spent a little more time talking to the locals about their life and business, delving deeper into their underlying perspectives and difficulties covered by the flashlight of a developed tourism industry in Bangkok.

As I reflect on my solitary sojourn in Bangkok, I am filled with a sense of gratitude for the myriad experiences that have enriched my understanding of this captivating city. Despite the occasional setbacks, the journey was a testament to the transformative power of travel and the boundless opportunities it presents for personal growth and cultural exploration.




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