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‘it must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero’ Relationship Relationships are so complicated; there are so many problems you don’t know - said everyone constantly in my life. I don’t feel this way. Not ever. “Am I that better than everyone or are you just stupid? It

National Defense Education

National Defense Education

Such a fear-dreading name for such forgettable moments. After only one week of school, hardly anyone is talking about NDE anymore. Was it that insignificant and trivial or was it a trip forced to forget that was filled with phobias and trepidations? The initial sentiment was definitely so. Remembering the



Fantastical stories filled with valor and terror tyrannize the people of VinUni, students and staff alike. Each incoming generation of pupils births ever more twisted iterations than before, and a successive streak of these verbal stories grew into urban legends; the parasites attach themselves to the nearest geographical site and

"No matter if it was in a room, a coffee shop, or the Rose garden, all it takes is one person dares to propose, and the rest dare to follow"

Nguyen Thi Chau Anh, freshman @ CBM on the entrepreneurial spirit at campus

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