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VinUni Choir 2022: Choir for all

A performance that synchronizes all souls

VinUni Choir 2021 - A memory we will never forget

"We are the people we've been waiting for

Out of the ruins of hate and war

Army of lovers never seen before

We are the people we've been waiting for…”

Those lyrics still echo in Uyen’s head, grandiose and splendid, as she thinks about VinUni 2021 Choir.

It all started with a proposal from Nhat Minh, a member of VinUni Harmony, who was responsible for the performance on Convocation Day. “Since VinUni Harmony was the only music club at VinUniversity, all vocalists had to participate in the performance as the core human resources. At the time, I was also VinUni Harmony's Vice President of Internal Relations, so I was assigned as the Choir’s HR manager”, Uyen proudly shared.

As a 2nd-year Medical Doctor student, she had a hectic schedule full of classes, and now also filled with more practice sessions. Not only that, the 2021 Choir started in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, when most students were not even on campus. Uyen said, “The COVID-19 pandemic was truly a challenge for every activity. The initial plan was to create a powerful choir to start a new academic year full of inspiration. However, due to the complicated situation of COVID-19, our performance had to be canceled, despite having practiced intensively for 4 sessions. The news was announced right in the middle of the mid-term exams, so our mood was affected a little bit…

We thought that our choir performance would be canceled forever or postponed for a very long time, but fortunately, the pandemic situation became less stressful and we would be able to perform in the Winter Festival 2021. The training sessions became more intensive and the commitment of every member was more serious. Thanks to the strong spiritual resonance from everyone in the choir, we created the very first choral performance, grandiose and splendid.”

Stressful as it was, the 2021 Choir would always be one of the most precious things for Phuong Uyen.
"People stayed up until 3 am for club bonding, then by 9 am they were still fully present in the training session. The moment we spent more than half a day in the studio was not exhausting, but it got us closer than ever. There were a lot of tonic bottles and Strepsils tablets to prevent coughing. Even so, when asking "Are you tired?" I always get the answer "I feel happy". Small actions all crystallize as a diamond of memory."

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Click here to watch our amazing performance last year!!!
And now, VinUni Choir 2022 has already started recruiting, following the wonderful performance of the 2021 Choir. Just like Ella Fitzgerald suggested,  “The only thing better than singing is more singing”, and that is the spirit and also the mission of VinUni Choir 2022, Choir for all

So, what are you waiting for? Only 10 hours left for you to be part of this amazing team, creating the prettiest memory you would ever have in university.


Don’t hesitate to apply because you will not be disappointed!

“We truly want to create a harmonized community of those with a passion for music, so we really hope that each individual's unique color will be integrated into the overall picture of VinUni Choir. Hope you will all have precious moments with us!”



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