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VinUni Big Idea Competition - With big ideas come big minds

For the past month, it seems like VinUnians were full-time on TikTok, creating and sharing content.

VinUni students inquiring information about the Big Idea Competition at the Entrepreneurship Lab's booth. 

HA NOI - For the past month, it seems like VinUnians were full-time on TikTok, creating and sharing content.

But they are not dancing and vibing for the sole purpose of entertainment. Most of them are amateur TikTok users, who are joining the trend to compete in the VinUni's Big Idea Competition.

Organized by VinUni's Entrepreneurship Lab (E-lab), Big Idea Competition 2022 (BIC2022) is a platform for social impact ideas that support the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is open to all high school and university students in Vietnam.

Swiping through videos with #BIC2022, we can see a diverse range of innovative ideas, from those that aim to address daily, relatable needs, such as a simple skincare routine, to those that deal with prominent and macro-level issues, such as food waste and Alzheimer's disease. Regardless of the scope, these ideas hope to play a small part in the realization of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and initiate positive changes in their community, nation, and the world.

But it takes more than just the participants to help these “Big Ideas” take off.

Behind the scenes are the relentless efforts of E-lab staff, VinUni’s faculty, and especially VinUni’s students, working diligently as supporters and ambassadors. Nguyen Thi Chau Anh, a work-study intern at E-lab, shared her feelings working to organize the competition, “During the conceptualization and organization stage, work-study interns and student ambassadors had the opportunity to participate in each and every stage. We were able to learn a lot from the staff, especially Dr. Phi Thi Linh Giang (Program Director, E-Lab). Everyone was encouraged to be creative and not be afraid of making mistakes. However, at the same time, we must know how to take responsibility, learn from mistakes, and work in the most professional way.”

Thanks to such an open and positive work environment, Chau Anh and her team encountered few struggles and managed to make a lot of memories. She happily reminisced  about the amazing atmosphere exuded in every weekly meeting.

No matter if it was in a room, a coffee shop, or the Rose Garden, all it takes is one person who dares to propose, and the rest dare to follow.” - she said
Chau Anh (second from the left) and E-lab's team shared group hug at the Big Idea Competition Launch Event in April.

With such a hard-working, creative, and humble team, E-lab and its Big Idea Competition are riding on big waves with ambitious future plans. After BIC came to an end, teams with potential ideas can apply to participate in the TechYouth Incubator 2022 for support to turn their ideas into reality. Additionally, E-lab's activities, including a series of social startup events, mentoring programs, and guest speakers will continue to be held, especially after the launch of E-lab’s physical lab in June.


For more updates on E-lab’s future events, kindly join Entrepreneur @VinUni on Facebook. 


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