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The Club (Af)fair

Hobbies, old and new, all were exhibited and attracted many new prospective members at the last Club Fair. The event gave new VinUnians an opportunity to join an organization or simply a group of fellows who share their passions. It is an exciting event and I’m here to let you in on the news.

VinUniversity Club Fair, circa. 2023.

Hey there, my dear readers! Do you like doing stuff? What stuff? I mean anything, really. Dancing, drawing, video gaming, hacking, financing or even joining your Student’s Council. I hope you do because the Club Fair was a great opportunity for you to come and see all there is for clubs and student’s societies at VinUni. Having had such a chance, it is with everyone’s hope that you pick up an interest in one or two clubs to apply and join. What is college life without joining a club, I say? It is where you make the most memorable memories and great friends. Nevertheless, it is time for a quick recap of the aforementioned event so that students, both participants and non-participants, may have a look back and potentially see what they might have missed.

September 28th was no ordinary Thursday. In fact, it was Club Fair, one of the most anticipated gatherings of all recognized clubs and student’s societies at VinUniversity. It was the chance for all clubs, old and new, to show off their impressive features and benefits to pull in attendees of the Fair, mostly students from the new cohort. With 34 clubs and student-led organizations, the Fair was filled with all sorts of hobbies and works that may suit one crowd to another. I have a layout map over here, courtesy of SAM for providing it, let’s walk through them, shall we?

An overview of the event and clubs that made an appearance

To your left, there are numerous sports clubs, one of which was under my advisory as a senior - VinUni Kendo Club (VinKenC). These range from your typical football club, swimming club to the more exotic, kendo club. Walking alongside these aisles, you will find yourself playing more than you are informed, haha. I believe the gym club has a big crowd early on with their deadlift challenges. Strong boys and girls all give their best and in the end, I believe one of the foreign students got the ultimate prize. Other clubs such as gaming clubs showcase their impressive gadgets such as a smart TV and a gaming console. My own kendo club had a paper cutting contest using wooden katana (or bokken, in appropriate terms). All in all, the attendees had a lot of fun and took some great pictures. Of course, we did not forget to remind people to check out our pages and potentially sign up for try-out and practices. As college students, it is great to have so many options to get yourself active and keep fit.

VinUni Kendo Club gave students a chacne to experience Japanese swordmanship.
VinUni Gaming Society is all about... well, fun and game.

On the opposite side of the Fair stand various arts-related clubs with the term “arts” being used quite generally. This is because these include a literal art club, dance club and culture club. While I could not say they have better attractions than the sports club, they certainly make do with their performances. Almost as if it is a tradition, Vin-A-House returns with a few dance routines that capture the heart of many attendees. Then, to add on top of the fun, VinHarmony organizes some singing sessions to entertain everyone. Their contributions to the overall vibe of the festivity made the experience even more distinctive and surely made no few impressions. Their sign-up sheet is surely filled up to the brim by now.

Another amazing performance by Vin-A-House, a long-standing club at VinUni.
Let's rock with Harmony!!!

Finally, in the middle, we have the academic and career-oriented clubs. These fine folks are the organizations one may join to best improve themselves and prepare for the real working world. VinUni Research Club has always been a stable since Cohort 1 so it is great to see them continuing their great work, spreading the love and expanding the skills of conducting research among students. In recent years, a few “hard hitters” also appeared such as VinUni Hacking Club and VinUni Algorithm Club for CECS students, VinUni Business Insider and VinUni Finance Society for CBM folks and finally, VinHEALS, a rarer sight of a student’s organization dedicated to CHS fellows. Don’t let their serious-sounding principles fool you though, joining these clubs also promises a lot of fun with bonding events and connecting people through teamworks. Hopefully, from these clubs, there will be great computer scientists, businessmen and healthcare personnel who would, in the future, look back at these memories fondly.

Overall, that is my recap of the entire event. The Club Fair, in my opinion, was a success that managed to attract many students and give clubs an opportunity to express themselves. Hopefully, through the events, new friendships will foster, new hobbies will be forged and the path toward personal development will be opened for a lot of people. Don’t forget to fill in your registration form, guys, because club slots are gradually being taken up. I personally have joined up a few clubs myself, trying myself at different things and I’m glad I did so. Each club that I once joined is an opportunity for self-growth where I learn not only technical skills and know-how but also social skills and connections. My current responsibilities with VinKenC and VinHEALS are also born out of these “trial and error” attempts at finding the right club for me and I managed to do so. Hopefully, you will be able to find your own club as well that will give you the best time in college ever.




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