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Not the gold medal above all, but doing sports together

Champions of Men’s Double.

This interview was conducted on the day of Green Sports Day, during the award ceremony.

  1. Could you please introduce yourself and your involvement in VinUni Green Sports Day this year?

Tuan: I am Tuan, working at IT department.

Kep: I am Kep, a librarian.

2. Why do you decide to join the badminton competition this year?

Tuan: Green Sports Day is held once per two years and I am really eager to sign up, especially for badminton.

Kep: For me, it is an opportunity for all faculties, staff, and students to play sports together which encourages a strong sports spirit.

3. What is the most challenging match in your men’s double category?

Kep: All. All matches are challenging. Also, it may due in part to my age, but I just strive to go beyond my own limit.

Tuan: Oh, same like Kep. Competing with other young and dynamic students, we are really into matches. We two are challenging ourselves but still aim for more. I got cramps, actually (smile 🙂).  A student also got cramps too. Sports is a long-term fight, in which Green Sports Day is a great occasion for all to come back to practice for better health.

A player with leg cramps.

4. What are your emotions right now after receiving the gold medals?

Tuan: I am truly glad that I did get the prize.

Kep: Just like Tuan. However, the most important is being able to play with everyone here, not medals. Gold or silver or bronze are all of equal importance.

5. Are you surprised to win the First prize?

Kep: Not that surprised. :))). Because I have my partner, a great one.

Tuan: :))). Actually, the chance is 50-50 for all. Even once our opposite team was leading with 19-15. We had to strive our best. There are wins and losses in sports, normally. It is not that important but the victory of course brings you joy. :))

Two rivals in the final match.

6. Any messages you want to deliver?

Tuan: This is the chance to start practicing again. In his morning statement, the president of the sports club also said that the practice of sports is about surpassing oneself. I hope you all could spend 15-20 minutes every day practicing sports to improve your health.

Here are two winners of Mixed-couple.

Kep: I really want to see more people participating in a wider variety of sports. Furthermore, I wish for not only just one Green Sports Day day but many days, even a week. And not necessarily, every day has to be as large scale as this. The key is there should be more categories to attract more participants.

Thank you two.


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