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Cheers to the founding cohort of College of Arts and Sciences

“It’s a destiny to gather here as a family.”

“It’s a destiny to gather here as a family.” - That’s what students and faculty members of the first CAS cohort all agree on.

To our first Convocation day!

VinUni is an unexpected destination for us - first CAS students. Most of us had previously planned for something else before we settled at VinUni. Unlike students of other colleges who tend to prepare for VinUni application for years, it took only weeks, or days, for some of us to become a VinUnian. But that’s an old story, and it does not matter that much. What matters now is our experience at this university, and it’s not a lie to say that I’ve enjoyed the first year so much.

VinUni and CAS have a special meaning to me. When I first came here, everything was just so uncertain - and I bet every CAS student felt the same. However, the warm welcome of faculty members and other colleagues soon makes me feel more relaxed and comfortable with this new environment. Throughout the year, I gradually opened up and finally found myself fully immersed in every activity. Looking back to the first day, I realized how much I’ve grown and learned, and how amazing that I’ve become so comfortable with being myself.

May I send the warmest thanks to all CAS professors and faculty members, who have paid unwavering efforts in developing our academic programs and other activities. It’s such an honor to enjoy college day at the Temple of Literature (Văn Miếu) and monthly tea talks, where we are treated with delicious food, both for our physical energy and social connections. I’ve learned so much not only through interesting lectures but also through casual conversations with the professors.

Thank you for considering us as a family rather than mere college students. The first year of VinUni has changed the way I perceive quality education and college relationships. I really look forward to the next 3 years of being a CAS student full of hope and opportunities. Let’s stay close until we open the time capsule together at our graduation!




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