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The future of nursing: a story of compassion

As the Vietnamese National Medical Doctor Day approaches, it is an opportune moment to express gratitude to the guardians of health - our esteemed medical professionals. In this post, let’s delve into the aspirations and endeavors of the medical students who are poised to step onto this prestigious path.

Let’s meet Tran Hai Thanh, a sophomore nursing student at VinUniversity. Hai Thanh was born and raised in Vietnam, where she witnessed the suffering of lonely elderly people in poorly developed nursing homes.

The tradition of gratitude is deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture, where the care of aging parents and grandparents holds profound significance. Therefore, the narratives of sending the elderly to nursing homes remain vague. Notably, those unable to meet these social standards have to bear social criticism and disrespect, as their action is considered a failure to pay back their parents, who have made an unwavering effort to nurture them.

In addition, the pursuit of nursing careers remains relatively uncommon among Vietnamese students. As a consequence, little investment was made to develop proper care facilities in Vietnam. “Some nursing homes that promise to bring the best life standard to the elderly even fail to meet the bare minimum of offering them basic needs.”

Born as a member of Generation Z, in which giving birth is no longer a stringent burden of adults, Hai Thanh envisions a future where a DINK (Double Income No Kid) lifestyle is omnipresent among the young. With this trend, adults obviously cannot depend on their kids to take care of them when they grow old. Therefore, Hai Thanh aspires to transform the nursing sector in Vietnam to adapt to this social change.

Tran Hai Thanh - Sophomore nursing VinUnian

Her heart resonates with the notion of fostering a community within nursing homes, allowing the elderly to enjoy different activities together and retain their hobbies. With the help of specialized facilities and well-trained medical practitioners, nursing homes can also offer ideal resources for those who require long-term care for chronic and terminal conditions.

Drawing from personal observation, Hai Thanh embraces the aspiration of establishing desired healthcare centers for the old, with professional medical doctors and nurses to look after those whose bodies are no longer able to function properly.

The hope of Hai Thanh transcends beyond the mere hope of a nurse to save human lives and take care of patients. It’s an aspiration to revolutionize a whole sector of Vietnamese healthcare, and further leverage the living standards of a vulnerable stakeholder.

Besides admirable aspiration, we asked Hai Thanh about her learning journey at VinUniversity. Turns out, being a nursing student here offers more than just medical knowledge. Indeed, it’s not only about acquiring medical skills, but a transformative passage that instills the values of respect and understanding, nurturing her into a compassionate and empathetic healer.

Last semester, she took the course “Psychology and Communication”, which kindled within her a deep understanding of human mentality. The course allows Hai Thanh to grow empathy with others, especially those whose thoughts and actions may differ. This will, hands down, facilitate her future career as a nurse, as well as normal relationships in daily life.

Tran Hai Thanh's aspiration to revolutionize elderly care in Vietnam stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and compassion of our future medical professionals. As we approach the Vietnamese National Medical Doctor Day, let’s extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the medical professionals who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the well-being of others. May their noble endeavors be met with boundless appreciation and support. Here's to a future where every individual, young and old, receives the care and compassion they truly deserve!




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