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As Valentine’s Day comes near, our souls seem to be infused with a sense of tender romance and sweet sentiment. Amidst the sweet chocolate and gorgeous bouquets of red roses, it’s crucial to note that Valentine's is not solely reserved for couples.

Love, in its purest essence, transcends the boundaries of romantic entanglements. It is present in every relationship, binding us to those who hold a special place in our hearts - our family, friends, and our teachers. They are the pillars of support, the bearers of joy, and the companions through our ups and downs.

This Valentine's Day, VinUnian Ngoc Linh has extended her heart to encompass every relationship that adds vibrancy to her life palette. “I had a baking date with my high school friends. We baked some cupcakes and chocolate bars to gift others. Additionally, I had a movie night with mom as a yearly tradition.” It was a day for Linh to convey gratitude and love for the unwavering support of family and friends.

From Ngoc Linh’s perspective, every holiday, including Valentine's Day, offers valuable opportunities to embrace all connections in our lives, and Valentine’s is just a special occasion to be more cheesy with lovely gifts. “Enjoy the present, always.” Let your souls be filled with joy and happiness in those gorgeous boxes.

Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, let’s enjoy Valentine’s Day as a holiday for love and gratitude. Spend some time with your beloved family members, your close friends, or even yourself. Don’t be afraid to take this chance to express appreciation for those who are dear to your hearts!



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