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It's time to revitalize your New Year resolutions

As the New Year unfolds, the excitement of setting resolutions fills the air. However, as we all know, the real challenge lies in keeping those resolutions alive beyond the initial enthusiasm. In this article, unveil some psychological tricks used by VinUnians that can make your New Year goals not just achievable but a lasting part of who you are!

“Ever been overwhelmed by a list of resolutions that leaves you drained by the end of the first week?” – VinUnian Chu suggests starting with just one goal initially. Let it become a routine, a part of your daily life, before introducing another. By focusing on one achievement at a time, you build confidence and ensure long-term success. “It's not about achieving everything at once but about building habits that last,” Chu emphasizes. Additionally, she advises creating a plan for resolutions. “Resolutions are not wishes or dreams but identifiable behaviors that require a proactive approach. It's the strategic roadmap that turns aspirations into achievable milestones.” – she adds.

Meanwhile, Do Ngoc Thien Trang points out the power of rewards in making habits stick. “Have you ever noticed that children will perform better when they are gifted something, or even adults respond the same way with compliments? Our brains love rewards,” Trang shares. She also suggests that replacing a negative habit with positive reinforcements, such as rewards or compliments, is crucial for long-term success.

Another tip shared by VinUnian Tran Ngoc Ha (Howdy) might be useful for people who are having a hard time being consistent with their resolutions. “Acknowledging that meaningful transformation is a gradual process is key.” Howdy shares. She emphasizes the need to be patient and celebrate small victories along the way. "Never forget to celebrate the mini-wins.” Howdy adds.

Besides, VinUnian Hoang Ngoc Linh appreciates the value of companionship in achieving resolutions. “The journey is often more enjoyable with companions.” Linh says. She suggests introducing new goals to a companion to gain more confidence in completing the goals.

As you embark on your journey of setting effective New Year goals, remember that it's not about perfection but progress. Let this year be the one where your resolutions seamlessly become a part of who you are, creating a new and improved version of yourself!




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