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I did not miss my appointment with Career Day 2023!

Another Career Day season has passed...

I remember when I was in 12th grade and had already received an offer from VinUniversity. Our university organized a Career Day in 2022, and I really wanted to attend, but unfortunately it coincided with my mock graduation exam schedule, so I had to reluctantly miss this event.

But this year, I definitely won't miss Career Day again. Today, I woke up early to help with the check-in process for the 12th-grade students and parents who came to attend Career Day. It's not often that I wake up this early, but I felt a sense of freshness and coolness in the early morning air. I also saw the staff members busy with the final preparations for the event, such as moving the VinFast VF8 and VF e34 cars to the display area, and companies decorating their booths. I'm happy that I'm contributing to the logistics preparation for this important event.

The staff is moving VinFast VF8 into the exhibition area at 7:00AM
Supporters prepare to check in for guests

After completing the check-in process, the guests will attend the opening program where they will not only hear speeches from leaders, but also listen to VinUni students pitching their entrepreneurial ideas and the clubs they are leading. Most notably, the VinUni Harmony club's performance with their powerful and soaring voices, singers and band set the stage on fire at our auditorium.

Afterwards, all guests will move together to the Sport Complex to visit the booths of the companies participating in this year's Career Day. Here, we can gather useful information about the companies, their recruitment directions this year, as well as positions within the company. In particular, VinUni students are very interested in collecting merchandise from companies with the hope of "asking for blessings" to work for these companies. There are many ways for us to collect these merchandise items, such as playing Kahoot games to learn about the company, where the top 3 winners will receive prizes, or we can draw lots to answer fun puzzles from the recruiters, or we can scan the QR code and leave our information to receive exclusive gifts from those companies.

I am having a conversation with specialists from Standard Chartered Bank

This year's Career Day at VinUni still had the privilege for VinUni students to book interview slots with participating companies. I noticed that my peers had prepared thoroughly with their CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and company research to be well-prepared for the interviews. Although each interview session only lasted 10 minutes, my peers knew how to make the most of the time to showcase themselves and their passion for the job they applied for. As for myself, I applied for the position of Corporate/Personal Customer Relations Specialist at Techcombank. During the interview, the interviewer gave me a lot of advice on my career path and how I can make the most of this internship opportunity to learn and develop myself, instead of getting stuck in paperwork, taking meeting minutes, or scheduling meetings. He emphasized that the most precious thing is hands-on experience, such as meeting with customers, selling products, learning about the process of finding customers, selling products, and taking care of customers. Another important thing is to expand my professional network with colleagues and friends in the industry. Afterwards, we need to know how to leverage our network in order to create value for our knowledge and career. Learning from those who came before us is a way to shorten the time we have to self-study and avoid making the same mistakes they made in the past. He said that the most valuable moments are not in the office but outside of it, such as having coffee, chatting and learning new things from colleagues who have more experience in the field.

I truly appreciate the sincere advice given by the interviewer. It was not just empty praise to make interviewees feel good, but genuine advice from someone who has gone before us, and that's exactly what we needed. I know that VinUni students are hardworking, not like the rumors of being spoiled and having an easy life. We always strive for progress and have a realistic view of the fiercely competitive world outside to improve ourselves and prepare early for our future goals. That is something I always admire in my colleagues. They still maintain the mischievous and playful traits of youth, but deep down each person has clearly defined their goals, what they want to do, who they want to become in society, and especially how they know how to achieve that. That is also the human value that we highly appreciate at VinUni.

Thank you for reading this, and I wish all VinUni students to persevere and pursue their dreams, and I hope to see you all on the peak of success.




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