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Tet undoubtedly holds great significance in the heart of Vietnamese people, serving as an occasion to reunite with families and friends, sharing traditional dishes and old stories. For international students, who are unfamiliar with spending the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, this must be one of the most memorable experiences. In this article, let's delve into the thoughts and feelings of some international students to see Tet from new lenses!

As an international student in Vietnam, Valeria's first encounter with Tet was a journey propelled by a thirst for understanding and a spirit of open-mindedness. Arriving in Vietnam, she carried only a faint impression of Tet, knowing it as a celebration similar to New Year's Eve, yet with little knowledge about its intrinsic values.

"I found that this period is a true miracle and merry." When the colors of Tet became vibrant, revealing a world of tradition, reunion, and endless joy, she was amazed to witness a tapestry of emotions.

The rich Vietnamese heritage and customs, weaving together the threads of familial reunion, homage to ancestors, and moments of unwinding, allowed Valeria to deepen her appreciation of Vietnamese culture. "Vietnamese people have deep souls and the greatest warmth and love for their families I have ever seen."

Meanwhile, Hong Nhung, a Slovak-born Vietnamese student, shared interesting differences between the Lunar New Year in Slovakia and Vietnam. "In Slovakia, I would say Tết is more about celebrating it as a community despite not being blood-related." This is an occasion for the Vietnamese community in Slovakia to reconnect and facilitate philanthropic initiatives in Vietnam. Although Tet in Slovakia only lasts for a weekend, "the events are vibrant and multifaceted" with the harmonious blend of Vietnamese and Slovak cultures.

Since coming to Vietnam to pursue higher education, Hong Nhung spent her last 2 years celebrating this holiday in Hanoi and her hometown - Ha Tinh. From her point of view, Vietnamese people place greater emphasis on family gatherings during Tet. The most significant difference lies in how the Vietnamese community prepares for Tet weeks before the holiday. "Preparations for Tết begin weeks in advance, with cleaning, decorating, and sprucing up."

Notably, Tet in Vietnam also involves activities that are believed to yield luck, "People tend to shop for new clothes, get haircuts or new hairstyles, buy flowers, and wash their vehicles. Likewise, each home and office is decorated with signs of ‘Chúc Mừng Năm Mới’, and kumquat trees or peach blossoms."

As the spirit of Tet permeates the air, may the warmth of joy and laughter enlighten your souls with a harmonious celebration of love, tradition, and union. Wrapping up their sharing, both Valeria and Hong Nhung expressed their genuine wish for the year ahead: “May this year elevate your endeavors to the pinnacle of success, infusing your journey with boundless energy and determination. Let your wisdom shine brighter, guiding you towards a path of inspiration and achievement.”




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