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VinUni campus happily welcomed a batch of third cohort students in an exclusive 2-day-2 night event, called “VinUni Discovery.”

Gonna-be-VinUnians got their first taste of their future university!‌ ‌

HANOI - As VinUni temporarily says goodbye to its students for the summer holiday, the campus happily welcomed a batch of third cohort students in an exclusive 2-day-2-night event, called “VinUni Discovery.”

We had a chance to speak with Bui Hong Anh, a sophomore at CBM and work-study student at MAC (Marketing - Admissions - Communications), on the making of this special event.

Organized by MAC with the support of VinUni students and VinUni’s student council, VinUni Discovery is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for admitted VinUni applicants to explore and experience VinUni lifestyle.

“They will leave their house, live in VinUni Dormitory during the event, and join various activities such as (1) Hunger Games to discover VinUni Campus, (2) Demo Class to know what VinUnians study, (3) Work-Study Fair to apply for jobs and (4) VinUni Liveshow to chill and bond with others,” said Hong Anh.

Energetic and Refreshing are two words that Hong Anh used to describe her experience meeting the new cohort. Being a hustler, Hong Anh is no stranger to the stress from studies, projects, and internships. Thankfully, VinUni Discovery, despite not being the first event she partook in, had been a source of freshness and energy for her amidst all the pressures.

“Seeing all the new spirits made me feel like I'm getting younger. My soul was refreshed and inspired to live to the fullest...” her face lit up as she talked.
Hong Anh (wearing VinUni shirt and a big smile) happily welcomed her freshmen.

But organizing a campus-wide event requires much more than energy and enthusiasm.  “One of the hardest parts was planning for the Hunger Games, … which called for a lot of creativity and “brain neurons”. Thus, our team had to brainstorm together. However, as VinUnians were really busy with projects and internships, we did not have much time to sit down and work together.”

It is here that Hong Anh’s experience in event management came in handy. She and her team decided to divide the work into bite-sized tasks for each person to proactively plan for the activities. Those who signed up to lead teams of gonna-be-VinUnians are also tasked with quality control and synthesis.

The event was all but a great success. As an organizer behind the event, Hong Anh was proud to say that every moment was memorable.

“Hearing the new students talk about the Hunger Games, seeing their “wow” faces in Demo Class, and singing along with each other in the Liveshow, all were so beautiful.”

But what made her feel happiest was how the event had grown beyond the school’s gate. Within just 2 days of co-living and learning, the students had managed to become close like a family, many of whom even called and hung out together after the event.

The experience will be cherished by the upcoming students for the next four year!

We gave Hong Anh her final speech and she did not waste anything to express her thankfulness: “To all the people who joined VinUni Discovery 2022, thank you for your efforts and your wholehearted love. You have created one of the best university memories not only for me, for you, but for all. For our lovely incoming freshmen, welcome to VinUni and be ready with exciting journey ahead!”




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