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Dining with Argentine Ambassador

It has been an honor for VinUniversity to be invited to the “Asado” (Argentine Barbecue) at Residence of the Argentine Embassy on March 8th, 2024. This one-of-a-kind event enables distinguished guests and VinUnians to immerse themselves in the long-established Argentine gastronomy.

For a long time, “Asado” has been representing Argentine culture as it fosters a sense of community and gathering with friends and family around the fire pit while savoring all sorts of grilled meats. Argentines highly value meals, which are considered the precious time to connect with your beloved ones.

Prior to this gathering, VinUnians of the course Fundamentals of Foodservice Management had partaken in the “Argentina Butcher Masterclass”, in which we were enlightened on the diversity of cattle breeds across countries, each with unique characteristics that suit specific purposes (for dairy, for meat). We also learnt about the beef grading system, particularly marbling - the fat intermingled with the beef muscle.

Upon entering the villa, we were warmly welcomed by Argentine Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Luis Pablo Maria Beltramino. In his opening speech, he referred to beef as a sacred dish in Argentine cuisine, just like Vietnamese people taking pride in the iconic Pho (soup noodles). For appetizers, empanada was served. This is a crescent-shaped, savory pastry filled with various ingredients including chicken, pork, vegetable, etc. and commonly found in Latin America.

Raising a toast for an opening ceremony!

VinUnians had an opportunity to have hands-on experience regarding processing, butchering, and grilling beef under considerate instruction from chef Emilio Fuse - founder of Los Fuegos restaurant. One interesting technique in this activity is how to use the tip of the knife to trim the fat from the tenderloin, which is very chewy and inedible. After nicely chopped into pieces, the beef was grilled over fire using lychee wood. The heat is on! Not until we got closer to the fire stove did we realize how scorching hot it was for the chef to constantly stay there turning the beef upside down to yield an evenly cooked dish.

Attentively observe chef's mastery
It's not just the stern “Yes, chef!”, let's crack some jokes to spice it up!

Grilled beef is often paired with a glass of wine, which enhances the savory taste of steak slices. The majority of guests opted for medium rare to medium steak as these levels would deliver the juicy and tender texture. We all had a great time enjoying Argentine cuisine and networking with people from various backgrounds. This occasion was not solely about food, it was the tapestry of rich culture and high-class dining experience. For desserts, flan with dulce de leche (caramelized milk) amazed us with the soft texture blended with the bitterness of coffee and sweetness of condensed milk.

VinUnians would love to express our profound gratitude towards this precious experience and the chance to engage in professional culinary practices. What a great way to kickstart our course this Spring semester!




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