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Count down with Phương!


Hi, my name is Phương, the black cat of Sincerely, VinUnians. (Image source: Pinterest)

10 - 10 days, the official length of Tet holiday in VinUni. With the ones who live out of Hanoi, it is too short, because they had to spend nearly a year in a different province, even country. However, for some others, it is too long. They just hope this holiday will end soon, so that everyone can work perpetually, everything can be on its track, so that they can continue with unfinished projects that could not be completed before Tet. Or, they simply are workaholics, always wanting to be busy, so they feel bored because they have to stop working temporarily.

The me of previous years had suffered a lot because of that, but not this year, since:

9 - is the number of subjects I will have to do exams after Tet. Actually, there are only 5 subjects, but one of them is a combination of 5 sub-units, so in reality we have to take exams for 9.

Do I want to cry?


Can I do anything with it?

No. :)

Isn’t this five? No, it’s nine!

8 - In August 2022, I applied for a job at a cafe, and in November, I had to quit due to health and grade problems. It was the hardest time of my life, draining my health both physically and mentally to the point that I almost ended up in the hospital, so I really - really - admire the students who can work part-time while studying, even do many jobs at the same time. You guys are truly awesome.

But wait, what does my part-time job have to do with Tet?

Because I will work again this Tet. ^^

7 -

2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7

Lucky number of this year. :))))))))

6 -

It took me 6 hours to design this poster. Why? You'll know soon.

5 - Currently, I am working for 5 different organizations:

- Sincerely, VinUnians (that's why this article exists)

- VinUnity (the poster above is for VinUnity's "Calligraphy Workshop" project)

- ALS Vietnam (an organization that helps people with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - a disease that lead to degradation of motor neurons) in Vietnam)

- VinUni Kendo Club (I've just been promoted to president ^^)

And, last but absolutely not least:

- MD program - Y2.


4 - Among the Chinese zodiac, “Mão” - the mascot of 2023 - ranks fourth. There is an interesting fact about “Mão”, that in other countries, this mascot is a rabbit, but in Vietnam, it is a cat. It wouldn't be worth mentioning if you weren't a designer (like me), and the search results for “Mão” on Canva only showed dozens of rabbits with a lot of designs, but absolutely no cats at all.

19 rabbits vs 0 cats.

Now you know why I had to spend 6 hours on the poster above? :)

3 - My favorite number is 11. My lucky number is 7. But the number that has kept me alive until now is 3.

My life has been more fortunate than others, but it is not always beautiful. There have been many times when I have had bad thoughts and intentions that will harm both myself and everyone around. At times like these, the thing that stopped me, gave me faith and motivation to keep fighting was the number 3, because I knew that, no matter how bad the world was to me, there will always be 3 people waiting for me at home.

A man, a woman, and a young boy.

2 -

I was born on 11/11/2002, currently 20 years and 3 months old. I am the eldest in a family of 2 children. I entered VinUni in 2020 (Cohort 1), but because of some reason, I am a Y2 student of Medical Doctor. I joined Sincerely, VinUnians in 2022, and published 2 articles before this one.

My life seems to be associated with the number 2, doesn't it?

1 - To anyone who is reading these words, the last thing I want to say is: Thank you.

Thank you for everything, for existing in my life, for being with me during this stormy year.

Hope to see you again next year.

Happy New Year!




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