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Wildlife: Why, life? - A Memorable Trip to Cuc Phuong National Park

As the world comes together to honor the wonders of our natural world on International Wildlife Day, we find ourselves of great importance in protecting wild species. Let’s join Trung Nguyen - a CBM freshman, in revisiting a remarkable journey to Cuc Phuong National Park, where he embraced the vital mission of wildlife conservation. This trip was a part of the VinUni CSL & Healthy Lifestyle course in the Fall semester of 2023.

The adventure at Cuc Phuong National Park was a testament to the awe-inspiring diversity of wildlife. Venturing into the heart of the park, Trung Nguyen embarked on a short hike to explore an ancient cave and a plethora of wild plants in the forest ecosystem. “We learned about the intricate tapestry of wild plants that sustain the balance of the ecosystem, affirming the profound interconnectedness of all living species.”

To the ancient man's cave
Trung Nguyen and his friends in the heart of Cuc Phuong Forest

Later on the trip, Trung Nguyen had a chance to visit different wild animal conservation areas, closely witnessing the unwavering efforts of the national park to safeguard precious wildlife. According to the staff, most animals kept here had been illegally hunted by humans. Upon rescue, most of them were heavily injured and needed special treatment to fully recover before being returned to the wild.

Unfortunately, it was heartbreaking to find out that some of them lost their instinct to survive in the wild, and some endangered species no longer can reproduce. “I came to realize that many animal species are becoming extinct. We are losing more animals than ever, and shouldn’t lose more.”

The trip was not only an opportunity for Trung Nguyen to explore nature but it also offered valuable insight into the current problems of wildlife conservation. As we commemorate International Wildlife Day, let us express our gratitude to the relentless guardians of our natural heritage. The importance of wildlife cannot be overlooked – it enriches our lives, sustains the environment, and holds the key to our collective future.

So, we implore you to join hands in this important endeavor. Let us raise our voices, advocate for the preservation of wildlife, and strive to create a world where every creature can thrive in harmony. Together, we can ensure that the beauty of our natural world endures for all time.




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