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L.I.T: Empathy crafts children's smiles

The charity event highlighted students' inner empathy, one of the core values of VinUniversity.

L.I.T Team brings happiness to children in Hoa Binh through various meaningful events on June 19. 

On June 19th, Light It Together, an organization founded by VinUnians that provides mentorship programs for VinUnian Wannabes, visited Tu do Primary and Secondary School, which is located in one of the most impoverished areas of Hoa Binh, and gifted 100 students financial support and cultural experiences. The "Smile crafters" charity project is L.I.T's most impactful event in 2022, co-organized by  VinUnians and Ukrainian students on campus.

L.I.T believes this was a unique opportunity for students to fulfill their dream of giving back to the community whilst gaining various learning and cultural exchange experiences. The inspiring stories of the disadvantaged peers helped broaden volunteers' worldview. It was also a chance for the students to channel their inner empathy, one of the core values of VinUniversity.

L.I.T wanted to provide children with hands-on experiences that went beyond the usual materialistic gifts, hence the “Zero-money Shopping Fair”. At the Fair, every child received a set amount of coins that could be used to purchase items, such as rice, instant noodles, milk, books, and stationery, at various booths. Through this activity, L.I.T hoped to  teach students' budgeting and resource-utilizing skills in a fun and interactive way.

In addition, L.I.T hosted a plaster figurine painting workshop - a classic childhood entertainment activity - to create a creative space for the children and the volunteers to bring out their inner child and experience new cultures.

The success of the event was thanks to the amazing support from various organizations and dedicated personnel with great passion and enthusiasm for community service. Hence,  L.I.T would like to convey its greatest gratitude to the many support from the big VinUni family: Donations from VinUni’s students and faculties, funding from the Provost, Vice Provost, Student Affairs, VinUnity Club, and VinVivid Club, and philanthropic spirit of VinUnians.  


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