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Times when Santa Claus visit VinUni

If you come to VinUni at Christmas, you’ll see a very astonishing scene. For students who are club’s members, especially the president (for example, me), Christmas is a great day to do projects, which leads to a battle to get a good place in the building’s lobby. Everyone wants to get the center, because it can easily gain people's attention, but there’s only 1 winner. Can you guess who this year is?

Definitely…not us. :)

Beside those lovely student’s booth projects, we also have a main event at Christmas Eve, with musical performance and group activities/games. As an antique with 4 years and 3 Christmas of experience, I really recommend you buy the ticket of the musical performance. It’s a bit expensive, but worth it.  Let’s me show you why:

1. Christmas 2020: The first Christmas night

Fun fact: Although L’Oneros just appeared recently, musical performance had already been a tradition of VinUni since the first year.

It was almost 4 years already, so I cannot remember the content of the first performance. I can only recall that it was organized at Sports Complex, it was the best performance in VinUni’s history up to that time (because it was the first), the stage was small compared to the current stage, but it cannot stop the music and the dance of the students…

…and our beloved former provost, Rohit Verma.

As far as I remember, he danced quite well.

In the “musical” part, we have Prof. Rohit. How about the “performance”?

We have Daniel the elf.

For anyone who didn’t have the chance to watch that performance, professor Dan had taken all the spotlight just by wearing that shiny green jacket to the stage. You can ask any Cohort 1 student, they might not remember what happened back then, but I’m sure that they will remember the green “Academic English” elf because he was super cute.
At that time, it was the most spectacular and well-invested event of the whole year. It was the start of the limitless creativity of VinUni’s students, and also the standard, because the quality of the performance continues to increase as the years pass by.

2. Christmas 2021: VinUni + Hogwarts = Vinwarts

Do you know that the college colors of VinUni are taken after Hogwarts?

Nope, it’s not a delusion of the Potterhead, or a “legend” created by students for fun. It’s a “fact” that was confirmed by a musical performed at Christmas 2021. I’m not a Potterhead, so I don’t understand all of them, but I’m a designer, and for me, the stage that day is one of the most beautiful stages that I have ever seen in VinUni. You can see the followed images to understand why.

Magic dance with Vin-a-house!
Rohit Dumbledore.
A beautiful soiree with mysterious guests (who I won’t reveal are our professors).
Students of Vinwarts, can’t use magic but can create a magical performance.
Last but not least, the choir that sounds like heaven.

See, I told you it was extremely beautiful.

3. Christmas 2022: Wine, and…

Sadly, we didn’t have a musical performance at Christmas 2022, because it was reserved for the Spring Festival. Instead, the faculty had a small celebration at the second floor of the I building, and us students had a wine party. No, there was no mistake. They really treated us with alcohol.


This was called Mulled wine, consisting of wine brewed with orange, apple and cinnamon. A comfort drink that is very suitable for the coldness of Hanoi’s winter. However, since I can’t drink, and also don’t like alcohol, I hope that this year, they will treat us with some sweet and warm non-alcoholic drinks, for example, hot chocolate…
Wow, just by mentioning it makes my mouth wet. I might need to go make a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy while doing my work. My Christmas is a bit boring, but that’s VinUni’s students, work hard, play hard, always try to finish all of the work before the end of the year, so we can enjoy the New year’s countdown without anything bothering us.
How about you? How do you celebrate Christmas, and how did VinUni treat you at this special event this year? Let us know under the comment, so we can get the ideas to make it even better in the following years.
Also, since it’s already the last days of 2023, we want to give a thank you to everybody who has supported us in this long, suffering year. Now, it’s time to leave all that sadness behind, and welcome a new year filled with fun and happiness.

See you at our next post in 2024!




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