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In VinUni, there is a beautiful rose garden…

…and I believe it’s be the perfect gift for the beautiful and strong women of VinUni.

Welcome to VinUni Rose Garden.

Every year, on the Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20th), my dad always returns home with a big bouquet of roses in his hand for his beloved wife and daughter. Putting aside the fact that I don’t like flowers and also not actually a “daughter”, roses have been the traditional gift of my family on Vietnamese Women’s Day for many years, so for me, they’re also the most suitable gift for this celebration.

I want to give these beautiful roses to the wonderful women of VinUni, through the photos that I took at VinUni Roses Garden. Hope that you all will bloom strongly and beautifully like them, and will always succeed in gaining your wish and career.

This post can also be read by the gentlemen (or women) who are looking for a gift for their women, because I will introduce to you the meaning under the color of roses. One of my friends had made a big mistake about this and cannot talk to his girlfriend for a whole week, so I don’t want you to follow in his footsteps. If you are curious about his story, you can guess after reading this post.

Now, let’s start.

1. Red roses - “I love you!”

Red Apple rose - From England
Tess rose - From England, hybridization by David Austin
Red Naomi rose - From Netherlands

This is the flower I recommend to the ones who are deeply in love, because ít’s the symbol of love and romance. You can see in many movies, the man (or woman) holding a big bouquet of red roses and confessing their feelings to the one they love. The number of flowers in that bouquet also has some meaning, like 1 means “Love at first sight”, 24 means “You’re always in my mind”, and 99 means “I’ll love you until the day I die”.

A small note: “Love” in this situation means romantic love, not family or friends’ kind of love. So if you want to give it to your female best friend who you don’t have any feelings for…don’t, just don’t.

2. Deep pink roses - “You are the sweetest woman in this world.”

Bishop Castle rose - From England, hybridization by David Austin
Pas De Deux rose - From Japan
Rouge Royale rose - From France, hybridization by Jacques Mouchotte
Cổ Son Môi rose - From Vietnam
Aoi rose - From Japan
Outta The Blue rose - From America

Roses in Vietnamese means “hoa hồng” (the pink flower), so “pink roses” will be “hoa hồng hồng” (the pink pink flower)...

Please don’t mind that lame joke.

If you have a chance to go to VinUni Rose Garden, I think this would be the first color you see. Our school has a lot of roses with this color, maybe because it’s the second-most popular one after red. It’s the symbol of elegance, sweetness, and femininity, just like a noble princess.

In my opinion, deep pink is suited to give to your relatives, especially mothers, because mom is always our most respectful queen, right?

3. Bright pink roses - “From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Mon Coeur rose - From Japan
Miranda rose - From England, hybridization by David Austin
Misaki rose - From Japan

In terms of symbolizing, this would be the one you can give your female best friends. It’s the symbol of sincerity and gratitude, a “thank you” from the bottom of your heart, so it’s usually used to send your thankfulness to your friends or colleagues, especially to whom you’re indebted.

P/S: This is my mother’s most favorite rose, and also the main color of the bouquets my dad brought home for Vietnamese Women’s Day. Both of my parents don’t know anything about flowers, but if you ask me, “thank you” is something you definitely should say to the partner of your life.

4. Yellow roses - “Dear my best friend.”

Catalina rose - From New Zealand

Besides bright pink, yellow roses are also suitable to give to your female close friends, especially if you are in a relationship with another girl, because I don’t think your girlfriend will be jealous of this kind of flower.

Yellow roses symbolize friendship and happiness, and, in a period of time, it has the meaning of jealousy and selfishness. It’s normal for a flower to have more than one meaning, both in good ways and bad ways. I’m not sure currently everyone uses it with what meaning, but a bright and beautiful flower symbolizing selfishness is a bit…wrong to me.

However, in case your female friends only know about the “selfish” meaning of yellow roses, you can consider giving her a yellow one but with a hint of pink, or pink with a hint of yellow, like the ones I will show below. It’s the combination of pink and yellow roses, “sincere friendship”, so properly it can convince her.

Golden Celebration rose - From England, hybridization by David Austin
Juliet rose - From England, hybridization by David Austin

5. White roses - “My pure love, I want to be with you forever.”

Bạch Xếp Cổ rose - From Vietnam
Pope John Paul LL rose - From America

Another recommendation for your girlfriend, but instead of passionate and mature like red roses, white roses have purer and more youthful feelings. It also means eternal love, and the color fits well with the dress of the bride, so maybe…

I understand, we’re a bit too young to think about marriage, but who knows? If you find a girl that you want to accompany for the rest of your life, why not give her a white rose, a silver ring, and a proposal?

Fun fact: This is not even 1⁄3 of what VinUni Rose Garden actually has.

You don’t believe it? Just ask a VinUni student, or see the pictures I attached below to have an idea of how big it is. Or, you can go there and directly appreciate the largeness and beautifulness of our rose garden, maybe you can take some pictures that are even more beautiful than the ones in this post, then give them to the women you love. VinUni Rose Garden will always welcome you, so take your camera and go!




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