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Tadaland - where Hygge meets Carpe Diem

Last Friday night, we - students of the Introduction to Multimedia Communication course were invited to Tadaland - the apartment of our beloved lecturer, Mr. Tada Le. This transcended the mere sleepover experience; it was a passport to a world of togetherness, creativity, and carefree joy.

Stepping into his homestay-inspired apartment, we were greeted by the warm embrace of chill music and a spread of inviting snacks. The lighting, a symphony of blues, purples, and warm tones, instantly transported us to a dreamland – a stark contrast to the usual classroom setting. It was as if we had entered a portal, leaving behind the daily grind and stepping into a land of cozy dreams.

The night unfolded like a scene straight out of a coming-of-age movie. We bonded over the shared experience of whipping up a meal together. It was a lesson in resourcefulness, as we learned to think on the spot and create culinary masterpieces from whatever ingredients were at hand.

We have dinner at 10 pm but c’mon Spanish people barely dine before 9 pm!
I know you are drooling!

But the true magic of Tadaland lay in the quality time we spent together. We reveled in the simple act of being present, cherishing every moment, every shared story, every burst of laughter that echoed through the apartment. We sang at the tops of our lungs, danced like we had never danced, and got soppy at the heartfelt documentary “How do you measure a year?”. It was eye-opening to listen to Mr. Tada’s sharing about his cross-Atlantic voyage, the best breakfast made by the locals he met by chance, etc.

Munching some snacks with the soothing candle scent, that’s the vibe!

Leaving Tadaland, we carried with us more than just the warmth of a delicious meal or the aftertaste of shared laughter. We carried a newfound appreciation for the simple act of human connection, for the joy that unfolds when we create, share, and sing together.

Bye-bye, sending our gratitude for Mr. Tada!

It was a reminder that the most fulfilling experiences are often the simplest ones. It was an embodiment of the Danish concept of "hygge" – a feeling of cozy contentment – perfectly balanced with the spirit of "carpe diem" – seizing the day.




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