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Leadership Bootcamp: The Power of Teamwork and Trust

Have you ever found yourself thrown into a situation that seemed daunting at first, only to discover that it turned out to be one of the most transformative experiences of your life? That's exactly what unfolded at the VinUni Leadership Bootcamp. Today, let’s delve into the whirlwind of emotions and challenges that defined this program, as shared by Lac Lac, a CBM freshman.

On the first morning of the program, students were assigned randomly into different groups of 10 to 12 people. Lac Lac, an introvert, initially felt afraid to bond with strangers. “9 out of 10 members were strangers to me, and I was extremely nervous. However, the initial awkwardness faded away within just 10 minutes of ice-breaking with my teammates. We became a close-knit team, ready to take on any challenge.”

During the Bootcamp, each team took part in several challenges, each requiring effective teamwork, great physical strength, problem-solving, and strategic planning. Although each challenge was a unique memory, the night hike particularly left a memorable mark. “While I had previous experience climbing mountains, the night hike presented an entirely new set of challenges.”

During the night hike, she had to be blindfolded and tied to her teammates by a rope around her waist, which she had never done before. Being unable to see and walk at her own pace was definitely a challenge for Lac Lac. However, with the help of her teammates, she finished the night hike safe and sound. “It was a test of faith, the biggest lesson I learned was trust.”

Lac Lac’s team after finishing the night hike in the rain.

Before taking the program, Lac Lac had expected a tough and exhausting course with lots of painful exercises. However, it turned out to be a beautiful core memory at VinUni. “For the very first time after the pandemic, I had a chance to meet new friends, connect with experienced instructors, and find a renewed sense of vitality. Throughout the program, the stress and worries of everyday life melted away, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the joy of the experience.”

Not only did the Bootcamp offer valuable lessons about leadership skills, but it also allowed every student to learn about their teammates and themselves. “Allow me to express my love for team 20. I will forever remember every time “we ate” the challenges and the moment someone found out that “I’m a cloud.” After the Bootcamp, every student had a reflection session, where they recalled their experience to find out what type of leader they were, based on 5 natural elements, namely Cloud, Rain, Sun, Thunder, and Lightning.

Lac Lac’s team receiving certification after finishing the Bootcamp.

Although the Bootcamp lasted for only 2 days, it has undoubtedly left a long-lasting impact on Lac Lac, as well as many other VinUnians. “It showed me the power of teamwork, resilience, and trust.” So, if you're ever faced with an opportunity that seems daunting at first, please remember to embrace it wholeheartedly, for you never know the profound impact it might have on your life.




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