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I'm so hungry, does anyone want to eat?

As VinUnians were eagerly moving out of their dorm, one dorm room sat down to reminisce about their amazing year together.

JA305 on their movie night date. (First row, from the left: Kaitlyn, Minh Do, Nguyet Linh, Tam Nhu; second row, from the left: Ha Linh, Chau Anh, My Duyen, Hoai Anh)

HA NOI - As VinUnians were eagerly moving out of their dorm, one dorm room sat down to reminisce about their amazing year together.

Can you introduce your room and your roommates? Why “Đói quá ăn khum” (I'm so hungry, does anyone want to eat)?

Hello, I’m Ha Linh, from JA305. Our room has 8 people: Jia (Chau Anh), Minh Do, My Duyen, Hoai Anh (Quài), Kaitlyn, Tam Nhu, Nguyet Linh, and me.

At first, we did not have a name for our room and our Messenger group chat’s name was just a star emoji. But then, our group was flooded with questions from Tam Nhu like “I’m so hungry, do we have anything to eat”/ “Does anyone want to eat?”, hence, “Đói quá ăn khum” was born!

Did you guys get along right away?

A big "YES.” My roommates were very friendly from day 1 and we got along right away. We then had multiple dinners together at the canteen and I believe that those meals were what brought us closer faster (as we all love food).

Can you describe a typical day in your room?

After a tiresome day of learning at university, our time together at the dorm began. First, we would ask each other on Messenger what we should eat for dinner. Sometimes, we would order something, but other times, we would cook (with the microwave of course) and clean up together. On some days, we would have karaoke sessions. I'm sincerely sorry for the noise from JA305, but it was so much fun singing. Then, on days when the weather was nice and people were not busy, we would have a midnight walk or stay inside and chat till midnight.

Hanging out at night is a must for JA305!

Are there any written and unwritten rules in your room?

We did have a clear set of rules that everyone must follow to keep the room clean and peaceful.

Rule 1: Every week, members from each bedroom have to take turns cleaning the apartment, from sweeping the floor to taking out the trash. Those who did not finish their duty have to clean the house for one more week.

Rule 2: "Kinh tế sòng phẳng, chính trị lâu dài" (Fair economy, stable politics). It means that if we owe anybody money, we have to repay it to live together peacefully, and don't hesitate to remind somebody about their own debt.

Were there any memorable moments?

There were a lot of them (smile)! I remember the day we went to Song Hong flower garden to celebrate Kaitlyn's birthday. We prepared seaweed rice rolls from noon and convened in the afternoon to travel there together. It was a beautiful place with amazing scenery and good weather - perfect to hang out with friends. As Jia was going back home that very evening, she brought 2 suitcases with her, one of which held Kaitlyn’s gift inside. When Jia asked Kaitlyn to open one of her suitcases to “get a jacket for her,” she opened it without any suspicion. It was very satisfying to see her happy face when she received the gift.

What are you most grateful for after living in the dorm?

It is the opportunity to meet these wonderful people. It felt great to live with and learn from them. They were the ones that cheered me on when I was snowed under with deadlines. They were the place I came back to every day and spent most of my freshman year.

Do you have anything to say to your roommates?

Thank you for being my roommates! You guys are a part of my university life and I love you guys so much. Thank you JA305 for such a memorable year!


To get a glimpse of JA305’s recipe for good dorm life, kindly visit their Instagram account @doiqua.ankhum


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