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Exciting things about living on the VinUni campus

On our first day moving in, Prof. Rohit Verma, the Provost of VinUniversity, said that he would treat all of us to ice cream in the evening.

As our two academic years at VinUniversity draw to a close, we, the current students, are simply brimming with memorable experiences and interesting stories to tell the incoming VinUniversity freshmen, who will be joining campus this fall.

The Provost’s ice cream treat

On our first day moving in, Prof. Rohit Verma, the Provost of VinUniversity, said that he would treat all of us to ice cream that evening. I was a little doubtful, thinking it was just a joke because I had never experienced such caring acts from my teachers. Then, to our surprise, we did actually get treated to ice cream after dinner! Our Provost himself even scooped the ice cream for us. His caring act warmed our hearts, and this swiftly became one of our first beautiful memories at VinUniversity.

Exceptionally friendly faculty and students at VinUniversity

In all fairness, the word “friendly” isn’t good enough to describe the people here. Everyone at VinUniversity is immensely welcoming and kind. Whenever I meet someone, they would greet me and initiate a conversation as if we’d known each other for ages. On my first day in the dormitory, our teachers asked if I felt comfortable with Hanoi’s weather and how my health was faring moving to a new place. Mr. Nghi, the dormitory manager, also meticulously took care of us until 1-2AM. He always made sure to be present whenever any of us needed help.

Another story that I want to share is about the day before our final rehearsal for the Convocation Ceremony. I was luckily chosen to give a speech on the students’ behalf, which required me to spend time after class preparing and rehearsing. Many faculty, who attended my rehearsals, approached me afterwards to give me great advice. Many students also stayed to help with my speech until midnight, while others showed me how to walk confidently on stage. Some even kindly bought food for me, worrying that I might get hungry. These were all new people who I just got acquainted with, yet they all chose to stay and help me, even if they sometimes had to skip dinner. Those moments have truly warmed my heart and moved me.

Me giving the speech at the first-ever Convocation Ceremony at VinUni.

Not only are my peers accommodating and friendly, but they are also intelligent and creative. They always give refreshing and diverse perspectives on every topic. Discussions with them never fail to enrich my knowledge and show me new ways of thinking. During our studies, our teachers always made themselves available to help us with our questions and give useful advice. Moreover, the faculty even suggested new project ideas and actively supported our research endeavors. For students who needed support in building their future careers, the top-tier professors and doctors at VinUniversity would always be there to help.

The abundance of learning resources at VinUniversity

Besides the 300 million indexed ebooks in the library, students at VinUniversity are also given various accounts to access learning materials. For example, each student at the College of Health Sciences is given an account for Complete Anatomy - an exciting and immensely useful app for studying anatomy -  without any extra fees. In addition, the library has 2 photocopy machines available for us to print anything, free of charge.

Me, my peers and our professor with the Pirogov Interactive Anatomy Table.

Those are just a few of the countless exciting and memorable moments that students would experience living on VinUniversity campus! See you on campus soon.



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