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Brothers and Sisters in University

Being a part of VinUni community not only grants us a chance to immerse ourselves in the excellent academic environment but also paves the way for unforgettable adventures and friendships. Moving into VinUni’s marks a new chapter for many students, offering a plethora of unexpected challenges, and of course, exciting moments.

I’m a typical homebody - I rarely go out of my room except for unavoidable reasons, such as going to school, going to work, or organizing events. However, the magnetic pull of experiences at VinUni has transformed me into an explorer, searching for the hidden fun within the campus with friends. In the exam season, we turn JA102 into a hub of study sessions, peppered with some breaks for lively chats and stress-relieving laughter. Studying together not only boosts our productivity but also gives us enjoyable nights with memories that would last a lifetime.

Another activity that we enjoy is campus walk, venturing around the large area that gives us plenty of places to explore. Slowly walking around the campus, especially late in the night, sparks tales of mystery and horror that brings us closer. Sometimes, we try to follow a dark hallway to a gate that we - as freshmen, have never entered before, just to see what is awaiting us on the other side of the door. I remember once we got to Babylon at night, with the limelight of the main tower shining over our heads. The school was quieter and more tranquil than ever, as if the dark had taken our stress and concerns away.

Occasionally after important exams, we would find an escape from the university. Just kidding, I mean, finding an area outside the campus to hang out. Usually it’s gonna be a big meal with sizzling grilled meat, accompanied with lighthearted stories or complaints about the exams. Most of the time, we would settle down in the football ground to have long and deep conversations before heading to the dormitory at 2am. Sometimes, we would spontaneously hold concerts with a list of indie songs and rusty rap by those amateur performers. Or for the other time, we would just sit in front of the canteen scrolling the phones until 4am, simply because we were all too… lazy to walk back to the dorm.

Being with VinUni friends allows me to be myself. From a newcomer who barely knew anything, I gradually found a sense of belonging that transcended mere friendship. My journey has been enriched by the laughter, support and endless adventures shared with my VinUni family. As I look forward to the years filled with more laughter and exploration, I am grateful for the quirky, spirited souls who infuse each day with laughter and fun.




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