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AN OPEN INVESTIGATION: freefood_at_vinuni

This is the first in a series of investigations by VinUnians, with the aim to explore strange phenomena and interesting individuals behind them.

The current investigator: Trinh Chien Thang.

At VinUni, there exists out there a noble antagonist, a brilliant Decepticon , with an act so inventive and masterfully dexterous that it feels vile to bathe in the same light as him, an inherent sense of dark and urgent jealousy bubbling. The motive might appear to signify a simpleton, yet there lies a vast guileful interpolated fused and disfigured web of intentions.

What that might be?

What is the real purpose?

How come these strings of virtuous crimes are committed?

I am VinUni’s detective Trinh Chien Thang, and today, I will give you a detailed account and findings on one of the ongoing cases: the phantom of freefood_at_vinuni.

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A post shared by Free food lover (@freefood_at_vinuni)

freefood_at_vinuni is an Instagram account created on August 16. 2022, its declaration claims the sole purpose of the blog is to eat free food available here on campus. With one-handed picture shots and funny and relatable captions, it is easy to understand why so many people would like to venture into these adventures with the person. But make no mistakes, if given the chance, he would “ăn tươi nuốt sống” everyone.

In the second post, August 19, he has intentionally dropped several hints elucidating who he is. The first clue is the CECS field trip; that has narrowed down the population by a third.

The third posts give a magnifying appraisal to Mount2 Education, a world-class education, just to refute any advertisement rumors in lieu of his integrity and his sheer passion for free food in the next one.

That is rich.

Reading the comments as well as other clues, give me a hint that the person in question is a he, and he is also more than 20 years old.

The account has recently followed an influencer on September 22nd: Doobydobap. She is famous for cooking and sharing real footage of her enjoying food and also she has gathered a massive following after a short amount of time. Now he is getting meta. Might I suggest Chipu and her entourage of Sashimi, might just be more of your flavor.

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A post shared by Free food lover (@freefood_at_vinuni)

The immediate and deliberate change in pattern accompanied by the newest post in the morphology of a perversion of a poem is a direct insult to whomever out there figuring out his identity: at me.

Impertinent with a feverish obsession with the elegant insolence, I confronted and messaged the person. He gave some answers and left some questions, but ultimately managed to stay completely hidden. The entire time, it was a game to him, humorous foreplay he exercises with all his victims before unhinging his jaw and swallowing them whole. His words and charm mock me in my sleep; they haunt my dreams.

Traversing and riding up and down the teeter-totter of taunts.

One thing he did not expect is that I have managed to secure his accessories of crime, his accomplices in these inconsequential buffets. I have identified one of the members of the organization; and I will continue to watch and question her until I have my answer.

I know after this day; there will be 2 factions: one supporting the noble insolence of  freefood_at_vinuni, and one supporting the justification of the crude but ultimate truth. Neither one is wrong or right, he has his intentions and I have mine.

If you wish to find out more about the account: please follow freefood_at_vinuni on Instagram .

But if you have any information, evidence, or if you have heard anything at all of value to this investigation, please direct me a message at thang.trinh_

Mark my words now and forever, I will figure out who you are and I will know what you are.




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