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2023 through the lens of a dream

Then a dream takes you back to the beginning of 2023.

You will open your phone to check the results of the admissions for the foreign universities you desired and invested the second half of 2022 in. Then, you will cry all night on those status updates as the outcome didn't meet your expectations. You got into a university, but it doesn't meet your financial needs. Saying it's okay sounds selfish, but if I could, I would tell you that closed doors are meant for the right ones to open – it's just a pity that I don't have a time machine to go back and tell you that. You'll spend the next two months in a vicious cycle of sadness: denial, anger, regret, grief. There will be moments when you feel you can't overcome it, but don't worry, because this failure will teach you a lot. You were a bit arrogant, but now, you've learned how to be humble. Let's be proud of yourself!

Close your eyes once, and it's March. There, you will see yourself diligently studying, obviously, because it was the second semester of grade 12 – a semester that teachers often warn to be "No studying, no graduation." They're neither entirely right nor wrong – not right because you've seen many friends dedicating this time to various purposes such as college applications, extracurricular activities, or other pursuits, and still graduating successfully. Not wrong, because you've also witnessed that as the exams approach, they all still have to put in extra effort to review what they learned before but haven't touched for a long time. You smile, as a thought slips through your mind that maybe if you had just relaxed for these few months, and started studying in the last days like them, you might have still passed. But you won't regret it, because you know that if you had chosen that path, your summer would be less joyful than what you desire.

Then, summer will arrive in your gaze. You'll get into the prestigious VinUni, but why does something seem amiss in your eyes? You'll reminisce about the sparkling memories of your beloved high school, which you won't have a chance to return to. But looking into the future at the university where you've invested so much time and effort to get in, there's a glimmer of hope in your eyes. You believe that here, you'll create beautiful memories just like in your high school days.

Finally, the day of enrollment has come in the midst of an autumn filled with golden sunlight – you step into the university cheered on by your family, relatives, and the welcoming gestures of your seniors. You know that your faith has been placed in the right spot, and with each passing day, you eagerly anticipate new friends and new joys. Every day, as lessons go by, you encounter dedicated professors, talk to like-minded friends, and new joys come your way.

As exams pass, you realize that VinUni is not just about joy but also the stressful days – an integral part of university life. However, for these last days of the year, what lingers most in your mind is the overwhelming joy.

2023 is coming to an end, and if you say there's nothing to regret this past year, I believe you're lying to yourself. But I believe that those regrets can't hinder you from enjoying the happiness of the past twelve months and certainly in the months to come in the new year of 2024.

Smile brightly, for VinUni will continue to bring you much more joy in the days ahead.




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