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Witness the journey of Ha Linh

She knew that she will and always will be a police officer at heart, driven not by the love of shooting, handcuffing, or high-speed chasing criminals in a high-way with live helicopter cameras [...] but by the desire to exert a positive impact on society.

Little Phan Le Ha Linh

This is a story of a little girl, who had a dream of becoming a police officer. All she ever wanted to do was to do good for the community: to help senior citizens cross the streets, arrest bad guys, and scare kids into well-behaved manners. A policewoman that simply “loves seeing smiling faces and cannot bear to witness people suffering” is a sight to see.

But this fairy tale is crueler than most, this is reality.

That little kid growing up sets her firm eyes on a career in law enforcement, just for her height to disagree with her. She did not meet the physical requirement necessary to triumphantly rescue cats from high trees. So she spent the better part of her teenage year undefined, unknown, under the influence of the world, yet still answering to one true calling.

Phan Le Ha Linh - 18 years olds - speaking at graduation

At 18, as a teenager filled with optimism and hope for  the future, she graduated from high school. Unsure, scared but deep down, but that calling still speaks to her every now and then. She knew that she will and always will be a police officer at heart, driven not  by the  love of shooting, handcuffing, or high-speed chasing criminals in a high-way with live helicopter cameras or unraveling a drug ring of more than 100 kg of heroin or cocaine, but by the desire to exert a positive impact on society.

The story of a little girl achieving her childhood dreams is, sometimes, much more fulfilling than a coming-of-age. But the real story is not any less exciting.

That teenage girl has now entered her  young adult stage: after spending her college years abroad, she returned to Vietnam to answer that call. She decided on education, a decision that came not without its due exploration, yet education stands out the most. The reasoning goes beyond educating young minds or appraisal of knowledge; it serves as a stepping stone for her journey of resolving other social issues on a truly grand scale: perforating positive impacts through people’s lives.

Phan Le Ha Linh - celebrating an event with her colleagues 

And with that, entered VinUni. By phasic occurrence, she closely followed the project since it was a mere sketch on paper. Having had  the unique opportunity to see it grow and develop from the skeleton up from day zero, she did not hesitate when given the chance to dive head first into building its essential organs. She metastasized throughout the body, leaving a trace of impacts every step of the way.

She might be the employee that traversed through the most number of departments at VinUni: Marketing and Admissions (MAC), Agile Innovation Center (AIC, formerly Provost’s Office) , and currently Registrar’s Office. At one time, she even was the founder and supervisor of Sincerely, VinUnians, helping to envision all the editorial standards for our university's first-ever student blog . Every change, every movement offers her a chance to understand what it takes to run a start-up university: dynamic, lean, and quick on your feet. It seems like working at VinUni is even more exhilarating than face-to-face taking down a mafia boss with hundreds of muscle heads: the pressure here is tensile. As a policewoman, being tough and quick comes naturally, but to be attentive to details, to multitask, and to have a clear and well-planned mindset takes a true detective: the skills for a promotion she has always hoped for. But it is not always so stressful, as it is not always filled with death even in law enforcement. She finds comfort knowing that here at VinUni, her colleagues have her back in peaceful times and when there is a fight.

Phan Le Ha Linh - handshaking Ms Lien Trinh in a networking event

One thing she has also gained as a “department hopper” is a deeper understanding of the education sector and yet herself. She took notice of aspects that make or break a university, and what goes on besides profits. She notices that an impactful education requires deeper focus on opportunities and challenges outside the classroom: internships, clubs, start-ups, and networking events. Perhaps, a big university might not be an all-in-one answer for everyone, everything is limited, much less needed to be competed and fought over for. VinUni is positioned at a golden zone, where classroom sizes are just right, clubs and activities are developing, and the students have the chance to cross disciplinaries.

Final words to all the students, staff, faculties, and especially to Sincerely, VinUnians readers:

“To the students: Make the most of your university life. Embrace every opportunity that comes your way, whether it be joining clubs, societies, workshops, or networking events. Remember that VinUni is not just a university, but also your home—a place that will support and nurture your personal growth.

To the faculty and staff: As you dedicate yourselves to the growth and development of VinUni, I hope that you too undergo a profound personal journey. Prioritize self-care. Take the time for personal pursuits and explore new hobbies. Be the best version of yourself.”

Phan Le Ha Linh - Be the Change to Change the World

And to herself, she said if she could, she would have wanted to pursue a degree right here at VinUni. Then maybe she would be a different person, a girl with different ideas; she might look different but always answering to the one and only calling: making a positive impact on the world.

Hi, my name is Phan Le Ha Linh, and I'm gonna be a police officer!

And maybe zip lining across 30-stories buildings rescuing kidnapped victims held at gunpoint with an extremely cool catchphrase.




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