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What does a day of VinUni workers look like?

As we dive into May, it’s time to give a big shout out to the unsung heroes who keep our campus buzzing with life – our amazing workers! Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to make our days run smoothly?

Security workers: guardians of the campus

The day of VinUni security workers begins before the sun rises. As the first line of defense, they arrive at the security booth early, ready to monitor the inflow and outflow of people. Their responsibilities extend far beyond just guarding the gate. They are the first responders in emergencies, whether it’s a fire alarm or any other urgent situation. If a fire alarm goes off, security workers swiftly head to the location to assess the situation. Should there be a need, such as a fire or any significant hazard, they promptly contact the engineering department for assistance.

Moreover, managing campus order is a critical part of their role. With many students commuting by motorbike, a recurring issue is improper parking. Security workers patrol the campus, identifying bikes that are not parked in designated areas and placing warnings on them (Seriously, VinUnians, let's park responsibly!). They also assist students who might have forgotten their entry cards, ensuring they can access their rooms without hassle.

Cafeteria workers and chefs of VinUni

Long before students line up for their meals, the cafeteria workers are hard at work. Their morning begins with transforming raw ingredients into delicious meals that fuel the VinUni community requires meticulous preparation. The morning is particularly hectic as they juggle multiple tasks to ensure that breakfast is ready on time. On the other hand, morning is also the busiest time to serve at breakfast spots such as Fresh Garden or Highlands. They handle multiple orders to make sure students are full enough to enter a hustling school day.

Coming back to the chefs, once the initial rush is over, they shift to serve lunch. While serving meals is less hectic than the morning prep, it remains a busy period as they ensure that food is replenished and served efficiently. After lunch, the focus shifts to cleaning up. Cafeteria workers gather to wash dishes and sanitize the cooking and dining areas, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

Janitors: heroes who keep the campus clean

The janitors' day starts later compared to the security and cafeteria staff, but their work is equally crucial and their shifts extend into the evening. Their first task is to clean the dormitories while students attend classes. It is not uncommon to see them diligently working in the dorm halls during the morning and early afternoon.

As the day progresses and classes conclude, janitors move on to the classroom buildings. Late afternoons and evenings are spent ensuring that the learning environments are clean and orderly for the next day. Their attention to detail and commitment to cleanliness help create a conducive environment for both living and learning.

So, as we celebrate Workers' Month, let’s take a moment to show some love to these incredible folks who keep our campus running like a well-oiled machine. Whether they're guarding our gates, cooking up a lunch, or tidying up our messes, they're the heartbeat of VinUni. To all our security, cafeteria and janitor heroes, your hard work and dedication make our VinUni family shine brighter every single day. Keep being awesome!




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