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Water games are much fun

Kiet as a referee in Water Polo game.

This interview was conducted during the VinUni's Green Sports Day award ceremony.

  1. Please introduce yourself and your involvement in VinUni Green Sports Day this year.

I am Le Anh Kiet, a sophomore at the College of Health and Science (CHS). Also, I am the President of the VinUni swimming club and joined this year's Sports Day as a referee in Water Polo games.

2. Given that not everyone is familiar with Water Polo, could you give the audience more information about it?

Basically, Water Polo is pretty much like football, but in the water. People will handle the ball, stay still when holding it and score into the goal to get the point. That's why you must use tactics to keep the ball and defend with your hands, not your feet.

If you know about professional Water Polo, you will recognize that we have changed the rules to best fit our Sports Day's context. Here we have two sets of five minutes each instead of four as usual. The team with the higher score will win.

3. How many participants are joining this year and how many teams in total? And where do they come from?

There are 20 people allocated into four teams, with five members each. Participants include VinUni students and faculties from all colleges. To maintain diversity, I have mixed up team members to ensure each team has members from all the colleges. I aim to encourage people to join the games not only to play and win but also to build team spirit and connection among team members.

Girls also join in.

4. Are there girls on the list as well?

Yes, we have four. Luckily, the number of four is evenly distributed to four teams, exactly one for each.

I really hope that there will be more girls signing up for the games. I understand that girls tend to hesitate to have physical contact in the pools. But do not worry too much! There is a rule against violent tackling in that players are not allowed to hold a rival's body from the back or use their hands to push the opponent holding the ball. Also, other girls are joining too and I am always here to support you if you need any help.

Girls could also take advantage of their "mini size" by applying the following two strategies. If you happen to excel at swimming, you might want to attack and get the ball more swiftly than boys. Or else, you might favor the position right in front of the goal, then wait for the right moment, catch the ball and score.

5. How do you organize the matches, are there any play-off matches?

All matches are playoffs. And there are three matches in total. There are also penalty sessions when two teams draw.

A competitive and also fun match.

6. What is your evaluation about the performance of players this year? What is the best match and are there any players whom you are most impressed with?

I enjoy seeing people competing with great fun and enthusiasm. Also, the gap between teams is insignificant as all people are not of professional tiers. However, I must say they are really into the games and are ambitious to win them.

To me, the best game is actually not the final but the group-stage match. The two teams compete with eager spirit at an equal standing. They skillfully use techniques when fighting for the ball, defending and trying to score. It is a game of both physical power and mind.

7. Are you impressed by any players?

I must say Kai - the guy with outstanding height. It is a massive advantage for him over other participants. He also expresses his skillful movements and is willing to battle.

Kai, the outstandingly tall guy.

8. This is the first time Water Polo has ever been held at Green Sports Day, what is your opinion on that?

There were many people dropping out after signing up for the game, sadly. Therefore, I am looking forward to more people engaging in this game in particular and other "water games" in general. Water is a new and different environment. You will definitely enjoy it and also gain beneficial skill sets along the way.

Fighting for the ball.

9. What do you think and feel about Green Sports Day this year? Any messages?

I was really happy that many friends and faculties were joining even with the upcoming midterm.

I know that some have not been doing sports for a while, especially during the last final. Green Sports Day has given us a chance to return to sports, which is super good for our health. I love it when people could practice and build a strong body.

Thank you Kiet and best wishes for your health.


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