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The story about "A" fox

A little fox on a journey to find her true color

(Note: This story is inspired by my best friend.

Happy Pride Month, from two Asexuals with cakes.)

Once upon a time, there was a little fox. She was born in a female body, and has transparent fur, just like every other baby in her world.

This fox has a very ordinary life. She had her father, mother, younger brother,  grandparents, and many close relatives. She had a class to go to every morning, had many friends of every species to hang out with, and, just like them, she knew about the color-changing period that happens when they grow up.

In the first days, the color was unclear. Most people will “just let it be” and ignore their changes, but the fox, with her smartness and curiosity, decided to find out what color she will become before it fully appears.

The first color she recognized was black with white stripes (or white with black stripes), because it was literally everywhere. Her parents had it, her grandparents had it, even her neighborhood had that kind of fur, so about 90% for sure that she will become like them. In other words, she will love a male fox, get married, then give birth to many babies just like what everyone else does. However, she had seen lots of black-and-white parents giving birth to a child that has different fur colors, and she herself also felt something was not right. She cannot describe that feeling, it’s just…not right.

So, the little fox continued to search for her color, and her target this time was the  “not-black-and-white” individuals. The Internet was a good source, from which she learned a lot and had more chances to talk to people with different fur color, something quite difficult to do in real life because most of her friends’ fur were still unclear, and the ones who had clear color didn’t seem to want to talk.

The first thing the little fox acknowledged was that their fur color will be decided when they fall in love with someone. If they love people of different gender, they will have the black-and-white fur, like most people she knew. If they love people of the same gender, they will have pink or blue fur depending on whether they are male or female. And, if they love both, their fur will be a mixture of blue and pink.

Why is it so complicated? :)

It’s just started, my dear. :))))))))))
Can you guess what I am? Boy or girl?

Boy, of course. You say “anh (“I/me” in Vietnamese, used only by older males)” all the time.

Yup, I’m a boy.
But did you know I was a girl before?


That was how the little fox knew about Transgender.

For her, they were the most unlucky people in this world, because they had to live in a body of the opposite sex. The fox cannot imagine what would happen if she was borned as a boy. Well, it did sound quite interesting, but after hearing how her friend got  discriminated against because he was a Trans, the fox silently appreciated her parents for giving her a body that suited her spirit.

So, have you found out what color you are?


The fox thought back to herself.

She is a girl, that was a fact. She liked boys, but she still treasured the beauty of women, and she didn’t have any problem with having a relationship with either of them, so maybe she was a Bisexual. However, there was something else she was concerned about, which was the idea of giving birth to a child.

You don’t like children?

Actually, not only children. Thinking of me doing…you know…with someone is also a bit…

Not good?

It’s not like “not good”. I think I can still do it. Not afraid of anything, no trauma. I just can’t give the feeling of “wanting to do it” toward anyone.

Then, try to search for “Asexual”.

Asexual? The fox frowned while typing the word to Google.

“Lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.”

Wait, what? They can do that? =D

The fox scrolled down in an attempt to delve deeper into the topic. It reminded her of one of her friends, a little kitten who was not clear about her - well, “her” biological gender is female, so let’s assume that “she” is a “her” - color. The fox somehow identified with the words, however, not all of them were true with her. She can still feel the beauty of romance and the attraction of others, it’s just not as strong as it should be and often requires a lot of factors to appear.

So, after all, that was also a wrong answer?

Hey, calm down, dear.
Maybe you’re in midline. Between Ace and Allo.
Let’s try “Demisexual”.

“A demisexual person can only experience secondary sexual attraction – the type of attraction that occurs after the development of an emotional bond.”


Oh my god.
That’s me.
That’s me!

Her lip corners slowly raised, then, from a small smile, it became a big laugh.


The fox looks at her fur, seeing how every soft long hair changes to its real color.

That color is very special.

It’s not black-and-white like her parents. Not blue or pink or mixed or anything else. This color is a bit like the color of Asexual individual, but lighter.

Her true color…is gray. A light, soft and warm shade of gray.

She is a Demisexual.

Congratulations, my dear.


Well, I don’t want to lower your mood. But…I have to tell you something.
If you wanna live as who you are, things might not be easy.
Please, dear…I don’t wanna see you being hurt.

Don’t worry, bro. I understand.

Her friend was hurt a lot, just because he is a Transgender. So, his worry is understandable. The fox had gone through some of those comments while doing research, so she knew that Asexual also faced discrimination, like others.

Invalid. Fake. Basically cannot exist. “Maybe you haven’t met the right person yet”.

But…so what?

She is she. She is a gray fox, no one can change that fact. Whatever she does, there is still someone who judges her, even without any reason, so why does she have to live as they want?

You sure?

You know me, bro. I’m a meanie.
If anyone wants to harm me, I will bite them back. =))))))))
So don’t worry.

Suddenly, the fox thought about something. Someone, actually.

If she is gray, then maybe her cat friend…

Ah, what should she do now?

Her curiosity had woken up once again.




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