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Thank-you note from CASsette

So CASsette has reached its final episodes. After more than 20 podcast episodes with super lovely wholesome guests, this has been a joyful journey as a host for me. CASsette is a podcast from College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at VinUni. CASsette is where I and the guests who are CAS lecturers and students have casual conversation to understand more about each person's journey that I am blessed to cross paths with under the same roof - CAS.

CASsette was born out of my love for socializing and talking with people. Attending VinUni, I learn about the concept of office hours, where students can chat with lecturers not only about academics but also about any topic such as seeking feedback on the project they want to launch, discussing memorable field trips, or simply catching up with one another... It would be precious if I could record those stories and let them live more lives. And CASsette is the residence of those stories.

Another reason encouraging me to conduct CASsette came from my personal experience when applyinSg to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at VinUni. At that time, I had little information about CAS since it was newly established. Therefore, I also hope to give insights about CAS to those who are interested. And it's true, I was super happy when Mr. Daniel and Mr. James said that the CAS wannabes talked about CASsette during the application interview.

The CASsette episodes might not be perfect as sometimes I spoke a bit hastily, or when videorecording, I looked at the script a bit too much, some episodes I forgot to check the equipment causing the guest's chair to creak while recording, and so forth. But I think what lingers after each conversation is how the guests make me look at the world and approach things in life through a different lens.

I usually thought progress was linear, that the next work always had to be better. But conducting CASsette has enlightened me on the fact that even if I do something frequently and master it, there will still be times when I encounter difficulties and confusion. I gradually grew to be more satisfied with my stumbles and not-so-smooth responses.

The last and most important thing in the journey of conducting CASsette is the sincere and precious shoutouts from the wonderful friends, faculty who have tremendously supported me. One message, one comment or feedback from everyone about the show is enough to make me giggle and feel on cloud nine for a whole day. So these shoutouts are super precious and through this article, I also want to say that shout out more, acknowledge people's contributions more and communicate that support to them, it does mean a lot.

P/S: There might be some missing photos with the guests, but my love for everyone is always abundant!

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