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My experience at VinUni's first Career Day

We, as a young university of Vietnam, have organized the first-ever Career Day that exceeded all expectations.

VinUniversity's leaders opening Career Day with inspiring speech on the university's founding mission and vision. 

“Do you know why over 30 companies would participate in the Career Day organized by a young university with only 2 years of experience and no graduated student generations?”

I vividly remember this question raised by our Provost Rohit Verma prior to VinUniversity’s first-ever Career Day. After the question was raised, there was a lively discussion. Some thought it was because businesses were impressed with the previous achievements of  VinGroup, while others attributed their participation to impressive VinUnians’ profiles. “It is curiosity” - Professor Rohit affirmed, “companies want to observe whether VinUniversity students and faculties live up to what the promotional materials made them out to be. The event was not only a golden opportunity for you, students, to engage in professional networking activities but also for all of us to demonstrate who we are - our vision, qualities and positioning - to recruiters out there”.


I had the opportunity to participate as a preparation assistant for this important event. more specifically an ambassador at Vin AI’s booth . Throughout the process, I witnessed the remarkable joint efforts and strong determination of every individual to make the Career Day a reality. By working for VinUnity and VinUni Career Hub, in collaboration with SAM, I have accumulated many professional skills such as marketing, organization and planning, learned to become more attentive, and improved in my assigned tasks.

VinUnians helping VinAI representatives prepare for their booth

As students, Before D-Day, we were also equipped with extremely useful skills and knowledge on preparing our CV and LinkedIn to best portray ourselves to recruiters, on building professional networks and other necessary etiquettes via various pre-event orientation. Thanks to these sessions, I realized how little  I knew and was inspired to further practice these crucial skills to do well on Career Day.


The Career Day kicked off with much excitement. After welcoming and helping VinAI set up their booth, I showed them to the Auditorium for the inaugural ceremony. There, on the magnificent stage, with the witness of over 30 companies’ representatives, our distinguished professors gave inspiring speeches on the vision and mission of our university. One thing that made my day was Professor Sunmee Choi looking beautiful in “ao dai”. More remarkably, there were 10 impressive student showcases, with pitches ranging from their research projects to their startup ideas.

While at the Vin AI booth, as VinUniversity's representative, I helped students and introduced the school to VinAI’s members, while continuing to learn and absorb new information. Thanks to a lovely chat with VinAI's HR manager, I was able to understand more about the importance of AI in today's life, the do's and don'ts when applying for a job, opportunities in Marketing, and the corporate environment. In addition, I visited EY's Booth to find out more about the company’s working culture and prospective career path in auditing and management consulting.  That is, conversations with various company’s representatives have undoubtedly allowed me to understand from the viewpoints of recruiters: what they value in today’s students, what possible career paths are waiting for our students, and what skills and knowledge we should improve on.

Take a look at this recap video!

Wow! Such a wonderful day, full of positive energy, great people, and invaluable information. As our university’s first Career Day came to an end, I can proudly say our efforts paid off, and we, as a young university of Vietnam, have organized a Career event that exceeded all expectations.



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