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Hey, we need YOU!

By clicking here, you have shown your interest in becoming one of our “charming” members!


Are you interested in content marketing where you can freely express yourself and amplify the voices of others?

Are you interested in working with a team full of open-minded cuties?

If the answer is YES, then join us!

Benefits of joining our team

Learn and grow as part of a proactive and hard-working team: Many of us are just sophomores but we always thrive to learn and share tips together. Moreover, as we have powerful friends (from Cornell Daily Sun to the Marketing and Admissions team, and VinMagazine), you are guaranteed to learn a lot from them.

Share your ideas freely: Here, we respect and encourage each other to speak our minds and tell the world about our experiences. You are more than welcome to propose any content, or series, as long as they fit our guidelines and missions.

Get *paid*: Although it is not a lot, salary is something that keeps you motivated and responsible for your work. Hence, when working with us, you will get some money as our way of showing our appreciation.


Contributor: You can contribute posts or ideas and get paid one-off. You can contact us at to share your story or we can reach out to ask for your work.

Being our official member: You will have more commitment if you choose to become one of our members. There will be several offered positions listed below.

Available official positions

  1. Planner (a.k.a the know-it-all):
Welcome to the Events Department. This name seems unfamiliar, right? But don’t worry, your job won’t be that unfamiliar!

This team will be in charge of recording all the events at our University. With the aim of publishing 5 articles every week, the Planning Department will provide in-depth coverage of student life and significant topics both on and off-campus.

You will be divided into different groups that keep track of different activities happening around campus (such as internships, research, campus life,...). You will be the know-it-all of our team.

If you are a sociable person who enjoys taking part in every event, then you should be a Planner!!!

2. Writer (a.k.a the chosen ones):

The Blog could never be a blog without a writer. So here we are, the chosen ones!

The Writer will be required to write at least 5 articles/ month, in any category. Although there are writing guidelines to be followed, you are still free to write any way you want, since  this is a student blog where VinUnians can speak their mind. Writing guidelines are there to guide, but not to restrict (Don’t worry, Prof. Dan, Prof. Steven and Prof. Rory are not watching you.)

Let’s join the “chosen” team if you love creating contents and developing your unique story!

3. Editor:

Hey, thank you for visiting our Department. Here, we are the villains who always try to find mistakes to fix. Just kidding, that’s not our job!

We are the Editor Department that is responsible for organizing, coordinating, reviewing, correcting, and arranging written material for publication, all while collaborating with authors to improve their work.

So if you are a meticulous person who has an eye for details, this Department is a great place for you!

If you're still interested...

Kindly fill in this application form and we would be thrilled to have you on our team. We will be in contact with you soon. We look forward to working with you!