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A bulb lights up in building G

VinUnians shed light on a multi-functional and energy-saving lighting solution.

Le Viet Hoang and his peer worked on their their research in Building G's laboratory. 

HA NOI - Research has never been an easy endeavor. In fact, millions of papers never get to see the light of day. Yet, a team of VinUnians, made up of one professor and two resourceful sophomores, has successfully gotten their papers published in Optics Letters, a Q1 scientific journal (top 25% journals in the field of Computer Science and Engineering).

The research on Coexistence of surface lattice resonances and bound states in the continuum in a plasmonic lattice seeks to invent a special structure (called the quantum dot), which can control the direction of photon light and minimize lighting inefficiency. Mr. Le Viet Hoang, one of the two sophomores, shared with us the opportunity that led him to join Dr. Le Van Quynh’s research team, “I first met Dr. Quynh at the admission interview to VinUniversity. After that, I was impressed by his pitch presentation about the project and decided to sign up to be a research assistant.”

As students with little specialized knowledge, it was hard for Hoang and his peer to follow the research pace. However, thanks to Dr. Quynh’s guidance, they were able to start familiarizing themselves with feasible tasks, from reading papers to doing hands-on laboratory hardware and software work. VinUniversity's state-of-the-art computers and laboratory equipment were of great help to them during the stimulation and computing process. Hoang remembered the time when he first received the laboratory devices,

“I felt like a 5-year-old kid, curiously setting up all the coolest toys!”
Given his high level of professionalism, it was hard to imagine that Le Viet Hoang was only a freshman when he worked on this cutting-edge research.

All the technicalities aside, to Hoang, the most important thing he had learnt working as a research assistant was the spirit of research and the process of publishing a paper. “The latest paper is all but a step in our research, we still need to figure out other interesting mechanisms to achieve our goal,” Hoang added.

We left building G, full of pride and admiration. The prospect that building G will one day be lit by VinUnians’ own lighting solution has stayed on our minds ever since.


The research mentioned in this post is part of a VinIF-sponsored research project led by Dr. Le Van Quynh, namely "Research and manufacture multifunctional lighting equipment from new and advanced materials". The research project also received mentorship and support in experimental materials from Associate Professor Nguyen Hai Son from EC Lyon (France).
To learn more about the paper “Coexistence of surface lattice resonances and bound states in the continuum in a plasmonic lattice”, kindly visit HERE


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